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Toronto Masters of the Universe (TMU) is the Masters’ Swim Club at the University of Toronto. The club has about 50 members, men and women ranging in age from 20 years to 80 years with varying ability and swimming background. Some choose to compete in meets organized by Masters Swimming of Ontario while some choose to complement their fitness routine with swimming.

Most practices are held in the 8-lane, 50 meter pool at the University of Toronto Athletic Centre located at 55 Harbord street (Spadina and Harbord) in downtown Toronto, a few are held at the 25yd pool at the same location. There are 5 practices per week. READ MORE >>>

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Video – Practice in the 25yd (Benson) Pool:

The Club is Full for Fall/Winter 2016/2017.
and there is a Waitlist.

Information for Prospective New Members

1. Swimming ability

We are not a learn to swim program. New members should have basic swimming ability and should be able to swim 2000 m continuously, as well as 10 times 50 yd free style on a 1-minute pace time (or 50m short course on 1:05, 50m long course on 1:10).

2. General information

There are five practices per week – two on weekday mornings, two on weekday evenings, and the fifth one on Sunday morning.  More information

Practice times are subject to change. Please check “Practice Information” for the general schedule and see the TMU Calendar and TMU news for updates on schedule changes, cancellations, and term start and end dates.

3. How to join

Please note that a membership at the University of Toronto Athletic Center is required to join the club. Current students at the University of Toronto who pay full incidental fees are members of the Athletic Centre, anyone else has to pay a membership fee. Club membership (fees) can be obtained for members of the AC either in person in the Main office or online. More information

Please note that registration is handled only by the Main Office. For specific questions regarding the registration process please check the related information on the web site of the Athletic Centre.

If the club is full, members of the AC can have their names added to the waitlist in the same way as club membership would be obtained, i.e. in person in the Main office (hours) or online.

4. Club Fees

Please check here for the current club fees, which are charged on top of the Athletic Centre membership fees.

Please note that 13% HST will be added to these fees. Membership fees are subject to change without notice.

5. More information

Please check out all sections on the main menu bar, including the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question that isn’t addressed anywhere please contact us.

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