Spring and Summer Term Information

The surrent Winter term ends with the practice on Friday, April 27, 2018. You must be registered either for the Spring term or for the full year in order to swim with TMU after April 27.

Registration for the 2018 Spring and Summer terms as well as for the 2018-2019 Full Year is open. Registration can be done in person in the Main Office or online.

The Spring term starts on Monday, April 30 and ends on Friday, June 22, the Summer term , starts on Sunday, June 24 and runs until Sunday, August 12. The 2018-2019 Full Year  runs from April 30, 2018 through April 2019.

The schedule for Spring and Summer is:

  • Sundays 10-11:50 AM, 50m LC, 4 lanes
  • Mondays 7:30-9 AM, 50m SC
  • Tuesdays 7-9 PM, 50m SC, 4 lanes
  • Wednesdays 7:30-9 AM, 50m SC
  • Fridays 7-9 PM, 25 yd.

Practice is cancelled on the following dates:

  • Monday, May 21 – cancelled, AC closed for Victoria Day
  • Monday, July 2 – cancelled, Canada Day long weekend – AC closed.
  • Sunday, August 5 – cancelled, Civic Day long weekens. – AC closed.
  • Monday, August 6 – cancelled, AC closed for Civic Day.
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