Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join?

Provided the club has any free spots you can join at any time during the current term. If not, you can either wait until the next term and/or have your name added to the waitlist.

Do I have to attend all five practices each week?

No. In fact, very few of us do so and attend three practices per week on average. Some of us can’t make mornings, others can’t make evenings. During the Fall/Winter term there is also an option to sign up for the Thursday night practice only, for a much lesser fee. This is one way to try out our club for a term first.

When does the next term start?

Our year is divided into three terms: Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter. The Spring term starts May 1 and runs through late June, the Summer term starts right after the end of the Spring term and runs through mid August, and the Fall/Winter term starts early/mid September and runs through late April of the following year. There is also the option of registering for a full year, i.e. May 1 through April 30.

How and when can I register?

Registration is done through the Main Office at the Athletic Centre and can be done in person or online. Registration is available starting at a certain date before the start of the term. The registration start dates should be obtained from the web site of the Athletic Centre. Note that registration is entirely done through the Main Office and any questions regarding the process should be directed there.

Do I have to bring any equipment, such as a kickboard?

No. There is a sufficient number of kickboards and pull-buoys available at the pool. Some of us prefer to bring our own though.

Am I expected to compete?

No. In fact, only a few of our members compete on a regular basis. If you do choose to compete though you can be registered with MSO through the club.

Do you have any further questions that were not addressed here or elsewhere on this web site? Please contact us.