General Information

The Toronto Masters of the Universe (TMU) Masters swim club is not a learn-to-swim program. (Learn-to-swim programs at all levels are available to members of the Athletic Centre at the University of Toronto and a list with online registration option is available  here.)

New members should have basic swimming ability and endurance, such as being able to swim 500 m continuously,  and shorter distances, i.e. a few 100’s or 50’s in a row, at a steady pace.

There are five practices per week – two on weekday mornings, two on weekday evenings, and the fifth one on Sunday morning. Four of these are held in the 50m pool and are either long course (LC, the entire length of the pool), or short course (SC, with the bulk head in the middle of the pool), and one is held in the 25yd pool. Not all lanes are available to TMU at all practices.

Very few of our members attend all five practices every week – three per week is the average – some can only attend evening practices, others only morning practices. Each practice is attended by at least one coach.

The schedule during the Fall/Winter term (September – April) is different from that in the Spring (May-June) and Summer (July-August) terms. Detailed schedule information, including the number of lanes available is posted here.