Practice Information

Practices held in the 50 meter pool are either “long course” (LC), that is using the entire 50m length of the pool, or “short course” (SC), 25m, where the bulkhead is in the middle of the pool. Not all of the 8 lanes are available to TMU at all practices. One practice per week is usually held in the 25yd pool , which has 6 lanes, all of which are usually available to TMU.

The general schedule for the Fall/Winter term is Sunday mornings 10 – 11:50 AM, Monday and Wednesday mornings 7:30 – 9 AM, Thursday evenings 9 – 11 PM, and Friday evenings 7 – 9 PM.

In the Spring (May-June) and Summer (July-August) the Thursday 9 – 11 PM practice switches to Tuesday evening 7 – 9 PM and SC while the rest of the schedule does not change. There are no practices between mid-August and mid-September due to pool maintenance.

Practice is cancelled on all statutory holidays.

Schedule details are posted here.

The practice schedule is subject to change. Please look for schedule updates and see the TMU Calendar for details and practice cancellations/changes.